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Hệ thống sấy tuần hoàn hạt

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THÔNG SỐ SẢN PHẨM: Hệ thống sấy tuần hoàn hạt


The user can choose the suitable rice husk furnace and cooperate 4-8 drying machine according to the drying quantity

Grain recirculating drying systems advantages

Low cost, high efficiency and energy saving;

Rice husk is a free energy source, and the cost of drying is only 1/4-1/6, which is much lower than that of drying grain in the sun.

The drying effect is good, clean,environmental protection

The  indirect hot  air drying,  with out  pollution to  rice. The traditional fuel burning heating, will produce carcinogenic tar in the combustion process to  contaminate grain,corrode drying machines and buildings, harm to health and safety.

Making waste profitable;  to convert organic waste into utilizable resources

Each 100 kg of paddy can  produce about 20 kg  of rice husk. If handled improperly, it will cause serious secondary pollution. Converted into heat, 10 tons of rice husk, can be  used to  dry about 25 to 30 tons  of paddy,  and burning  ashes can  also be treated  as industrial heat insulator, organic fertilizer or agricultural media, etc..

High degree of automation, full automatic;

Batch type recirculating grain dryer

Equipped with online moisture meter, grain temperature sensor, fault alarm, full grain alarm, overload alarm, thermal relay, hot air temperature  sensor, overload protection device  and earth leakage protection device,microcomputer control, full

automatic, simple and convenient operation,

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